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Petrol Pump Management Software


  • CRB bunk is web based software for Petrol Pumps.
  • The operation of It is as easy & No Need for special harware.
  • everything is on your click or enter.
  • Fully keyboard and mouse operated.
  • It is fully customizable as per your requirement.
  • It is our one of most successfully running software. It is designed in such manner that you can manage you fuel station easily.
  • Printing support thermal printer. It means fastest printing. Laser and Inkjet Printing is also available
  • Fully secured with password.
  • Support multi location via Intenet
  • SMS alerts
  • email alters
  • Cash advances for Vehicals


    • o   Ledger Accounts  (after Closing Reading all the ledgers relates to Sales maintain auto)
    • o   Voucher Entries
    • o   Day Balance
    • o   Party wise Balance
    • o   Profit & Loss A/C
    • o   Balance Sheet
    • o   Cash Book/ Day Book (in same format as you maintain manually)
    • o   Negetive Cash and Stock Reports
    • o   Month Wise Summery Of Ledger accounts , Cash book, Bank book etc.


  • Item Wise Stock
  • Monthly in out Reports
  • Monthly Details
  • Monthly Condensed Reports
  • Tank Stock Maintained Automatically
  • Pump Machine Readings

Closing Stock Rate of items can be fixed by user 

  • Maintain not only Petrol Pump items but you can also Maintain Your Tyre Shop & Canteen Business etc. in Petrol Count.

Billing :-

You can maintain billing by:

  • Vehicle Wise Billing,( Monthly, Periodly)
  • Party Wise Billing ( weekly,15days, Monthly, Periodly)
  • Item wise Billing
  • Transactions wise Billing
  • Cash/Card Billing

Extra Reports:-

  • Parties Grand Total of Period
  • Credit Sales Report
  • Sales  Register, Purchase Register
  • Cash book as per you maintain Manually
  • Customers Trial Balance
  • Access Credit Limit Reports                 
  • Daily Sheet Preparation , Format as you maintain manually
  • And many more…………….
Fully Customizable as per your requirement


Web based Interface

CRB  offers web based interface so you can access the software from anywhere; whenever you want (provided of course there is network connectivity).
Web based software means that if you are deploying the software on your intranet there is no restriction on the type or configuration of the client computers. Any standard web browser can be used to access the software.

Performance, Scalability and Reliability
Role Based Login System

CRB offers role based login system. Every user has one or more roles associated with him/her. All features are the software are authorized to be accessed by designated roles only. The commonly used roles are "Admin", "Manager", "Accountant", "Member".
Key benefits are:

      • Adopting and Implementing any Business/Pay Plan is easy and affordable.
      • Easy to change, add new features or modify the functionality without disturbing other features of the software.
      • More maintainable software code means less bugs and that bugs are easy to find out and fix resulting in lower support cost to you.

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