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Software for Customer Support

Tracking support or service issues and customer service inquiries can be a virtual nightmare without the right tools and helpdesk application. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, keeping issues from falling between the cracks can be critical to managing customer relationships and providing great customer support.Issue Tracking Systems

Are you looking for a help desk support software solution designed to ensure your organization effectively communicates, organizes, tracks and reports the issues that matter the most to you and your customers?
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  If so, you've come to the right place. We are custimized Open sourece softwares for you and we offer you great Support.


One simple interface allows you to enter, track and resolve customer support issues at the click of a mouse. It is a robust, full-featured web based help desk issue tracking customer support software designed to handle helpdesk issues without intensive training or desktop installation.


For most customers, this incredible ease of use is a key feature, as it virtually eliminates the high costs of training staff to operate a complex system.

In fact, you can handle issues for one or one hundred remote offices, depending on your requirements, because all administration is done via a web based system.

Our Helpdesk Software effectively handles:

  • I.T. Help Desk issues
  • Product Support issues
  • Service Requests
  • Human Resource issues
  • Project Management and Tracking
  • Customer Relations Management

  Customer Support Software Functions

Our Customer Support and Service Desk Software allows you to support your entire customer base through a single, web-based system that can be used by anytime, anywhere. Regardless of where you are located, this Customer Support Solution accepts requests for service and allows you to assign requests and track your billable hours and products. With our solution, you can literally provide national or international service from a single point. In addition, you can re-brand our product with your logo and corporate colors to deliver a seamless approach to customer service.
Read more about customer support functions here.

  Online Help Desk Software - The Immediate Benefits

Having a help desk support software application with a web base has incredible benefits, with the main one being functionality. With our customer support software, there is no individual desktop installation necessary. This product installs once (either on your server, or a rented solution offered by us), and can be used immediately.

Because of this, there is never a need to provide installation support to either your customers or your staff. A simple Internet connection enables you to serve remote locations and clients, with all administration completed with a simple web browser. And because of this simple browser interface, very minimal training is necessary to begin operating our help desk support software.
Read more about the benefits of online help desk solutions here.


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SMS alert SMS integration to send sms to customers staying in touch with customers, Update them on status

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