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Payment Gateway Integration Service

CRB E-commerce Payment Gateways is best suited for companies who sell or serve their customers online. Keeping in view of the increasing online shopping customers, CRB Solutions has come up with three different plans for going online. This can be installed in Small Biz, Corporate, Resellers, Dedicated Server Accounts only.
Unleashed ! Cost Effective Payment Gateways...
online indian payment gateway Processing refers to the process of obtaining the payment details on the Internet from the customer in a secured environment, processing the data and authenticating the transaction through the acquiring bank.Our Payment Solution is fully equipped to handle the volume of transactions in a secured environment, processing and transmitting data quickly over the Internet. Call Us
The solution provides merchants with a host of distinctive advantages.
Highest level of Security for processing transactions, using 128 Bit SSL technologies.
Simple & User friendly operation and management.
Compatibility with almost all popular shopping carts.
Multiple currency handler.
Scalable to any platform.
Wide coverage: Visa and Master Card,debit card processing.
Transaction Management: Extensive, Internet enabled reporting features.
Fraud Detection: In-built and powerful fraud detection features supplemented by fraud monitoring facilities.
Validation & Authentication: Our payment gateway has a powerful built-in validation mechanism, which detects inconsistencies in the data provided by the user before the transaction is put through the acquiring bank. Personalized customer support : Each Merchant would be allocated an Account Executive who will be interacting with the merchant for customer support. Payment Management: Our Payment Solution also provides an exhaustive payment management module. The Payment Management module is Internet enabled and the merchants can view their reports by logging on to the site. The module provides a wide range of reports on volume of transactions, status of transactions, etc. with facility for searching specific transactions by supplying one or more criteria.
Fraud Detection: Our Payment Solution has a very powerful and robust fraud detection engine built-in to detect and safeguard against all possible cyber frauds in the emerging e-business scenario. Our fraud engine is enabled to function on both Rules based Risk Management and Fraud Monitoring using Negative File Settings.
Authentication: Our Payment Solution accepts data from the Merchant's web site, processes it, transmits the data to the acquiring bank and confirms it back to the Merchant's web site, authenticating the transaction completely. The authentication process includes:
Scanning the data obtained from the Merchant's web site for prima facie invalidity.
Recording the data obtained from the acquiring bank for validation of future transactions. How a payment gateway works call us to know more about Paymant gate ways at sales@crb.co.in / 044- 45520009
We have been appointed as development and integration partner for HDFC Bank for their payment gateway solutions for E-Commerce enabled websites.

we do integration for CCAvenue, Bill Desk, Payu, Ebs, HDFC Payment gateway, AXIS, ICICI Payment Gateways
How a payment gateway works
Customer places an order on the web. Net Merchant receives the order. Payment details sent to Merchant Bank.
Merchant Bank sends details to Credit Card Company
Credit Card Company sends details to Issuing bank
Payment Processing is completed and sent back to Merchant Bank.
Merchant Bank sends back the payment details to Net Merchant
Net Merchant Confirms the order to the customer.
Technical Support
CRB offers world class support for its customers worldwide through;
24 hrs support with our Automated Service Engine
Exhaustive, informative Help Desk
Shared Payment Gateway - Economy
Set Up Fee
 Per Transaction Fee 5.5%*
AMC Rs 1,200/- *
Shared Payment Gateway - Premium
Set Up Fee
CRB offer.24,000
Per Transaction Fee 3.5%
AMC Rs 2,400/- *
Shared Payment Gateway - Privilege
Set Up Fee
CRB offer .36,000
Per Transaction Fee 2%*
AMC Rs 3,600/- *
12.36% Service Tax applicable on all Payment to banks & third parties (*)
 Documents for Payment Gateways

Check Before You Apply : The Pre-requisites

The following are the general pre-requisites to apply for a HDFC Payment Gateway;
1.Sales turnover of Rs.60 Lakhs per annum
   2. Last 2 years of profitable balance sheet
  3. HDFC current account [ Can be opened during the course of application also ]
  4. Proper manufacturing or servicing setup with office and employees etc.
  5. Products or services sold cannot include but not limited to drugs, medicines, alcohol, multilevel schemes etc.

Server Required:
1. Dedicated server with Window/Linux
2.    Root Acess
3.    Install .dll file on server

Step 1: Apply Online
The first step to get a payment gateway is to apply online. Click here to apply online. Once you have applied, we will review the application and update you with the technical and commercial details. Unless you receive a confirmation from us, please do not proceed to the documents stage.

Step 2: Verification
On meeting the basic pre-requisites, you will be verified for the following but not limited to;
Location and Business Verification like office premises, sign boards, invoices, customers etc.
Your company's existence for at least last 2 years with profit balance sheet and a sales turnover of 60 lakhs per annum.

Website must contain;

Domain Whois must contain your correct contact details
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
Cancellation and Refund Policy
About Us
Shopping cart with Customer Registration
Product Catalog
Type of Product
Server Security Testing [ This is important and a detailed PCI Scan / verification is done. ]

Step 3: Documents & Other Requirements
For most of the payment gateways, the documents required are almost the same, except few variations. Extra documents or credentials are required to be submitted if request by the Bank.
1. Commercial Documents
2. Technical Documents
Commercial Documents Required For Payment Gateways

If Sole Proprietor

1. Proof of proprietorship
2. ID Docs of the proprietor
3. Ecommerce Agreement
4. Risk Monitoring Acceptance in the company letter head
5. Charge Back Dispute & Acceptance in the company letter head
6. Balance sheet for the past 2 years duly signed by your auditor
7. Profit / Loss Account for the past 2 years duly signed by your auditor

If Partnership

1. ID Docs of Authorised Partners as specified in the partnership Auth letter
2. Photocopy of the partnership deed
3. Company Pan no
4. Ecommerce Agreement
5. Risk Monitoring Acceptance in the company letter head
6. Charge Back Dispute & Acceptance in the company letter head
7. Balance sheet for the past 2 years duly signed by your auditor
8. Profit / Loss Account for the past 2 years duly signed by your auditor

If Private Limited

1. Copy of ID proof of all the directors with " Company For Seal and Signature of all the directors "
Any one of the following is accepted as ID proof;

1. Voters ID
2. Pan Card
3. Drivers License
4. Passport

2. MOA and AOA documents along with Certificate of Incorporation. If certificate of incorporation is not included in MOA or AOA, it can be provided separately.
3. If all the directors are not mentioned in MOA or AOA, then Form 32 must be provided for directors who are not mentioned in the MOA or AOA.
4. All the directors must sign the Ecommerce Agreement and Board Resolution in each page with For Seal of the company.
5. Risk Monitoring Acceptance in the company letter head
6. Charge Back Dispute & Acceptance in the company letter head
7. Balance sheet for the past 2 years duly signed by your auditor
8. Profit / Loss Account for the past 2 years duly signed by your auditor

Your employees must be trained on using and following Payment Gateway Best Practices as mentioned in the HDFC manual. Fraud monitoring systems and methods must be in place and your employees must be trained in them.
Logistics / Proof Of Delivery Documentation for handling Charge Back Disputes.

Step 4: Testing Payment Gateway in Sandbox Interface. Once you receive the test kit from HDFC, you can host in your Payment Gateway Hosting Account and test with the Sandbox URL. Please note that

Step 5: On successful completion of the Sandbox testing, you will be provided with live kit from HDFC, which has to be hosted to integrate with your shopping cart.