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Important Information

An association management system serves as a database of contact data. It is intended for use by organizations such as professional associations, chambers of commerce and industry trade organizations.

By storing constituent data in a central location, associations can streamline the handling of constituent requests and automate common processes, including:

  • Subscription renewals
  • Event registration
  • Member directories
  • Reporting
  • event management
  • lass sign-ups
  • Publication submittals
  • New members can sign-up and pay online.
  • New members are automatically posted to a 'New Member' listing and/or added to an online Member Directory.
  • An integrated email system makes the membership renewal process quick & easy: Expiration of your membership is automatic, based on your organization's renewal schedule. Automatic renewal emails are sent on a schedule. As members apply or renew, an automatic email confirmation is sent.
  • The system automatically enables and disables website logins as members expire and/or archive.
  • A history log of membership status and renewal dates is available to view online or export to Excel at anytime.
  • An AMS also gives managers immediate access to the most up-to-date member data, which can help guide decision-making.